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Default Mike Stoops making progress

Rey Maualuga -the 6'-3" 250 lb. speed demon - is If I were the Steelers then I would draft this freak as a sophomore.

Arizona is a couple years away from being a reliable Top 10 team. The improved performance against USC should be applauded. Mike Stoops? recruits are getting into the lineup and his defense is fearless, tenacious and zealous. This guy needs some time to turn this afterthought into a foe. Why I like a Mike team better than a Bob Stoops team is a mystery ? lie. Mike took the perfect job at the time. His Wildcat team is stamped with the underdog status while OU is?well Sooner football. ?The Orange Bowl...?

But above and beyond this commendable resurrection was the underachievement of the highly ranked Trojan squad.

A 6.2 yd avg./per carry and 130 yard night for Moody is VERY disappointing for the true freshman from Texas. Really! It may be only your third college game but don?t succumb to the pressure. Even the true freshman second stringer Gable averaged 6.8 yards on 5 carries. Just because Reggie Bush finished his freshman season with a 5.8 yd average doesn?t mean we can tolerate this mediocrity.

I don?t care if Booty completed passes to 11 different receivers. The No. 3 receiver McFoy averaged 13.7 per catch in clutch moments of the game. Great routes and Steve Smith is the college version of Hines Ward.

And the letdown on defense can not be overlooked. If SC wants to be included with the best then giving up -0.8 yards per rush is cause for serious soul searching. What about the 2 first downs given up on 12 third down attempts?

USC doesn?t have the benefit of being an ACC or NFC West team. Plenty of improvement left for this year for the Trojans.

But honestly now Mike Stoops is doing a remarkable job.
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