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Default Re: Most hated owners ever??

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I have to say Jones. Just cause he could be the one who ruins the parity of the NFL with his Dallas should get a bigger piece of the pie talk. He has a Snyder mentality of living in the now and worry about the future later. But his team provides him a better vehicle to be influential in the league.

Next is Snyder because he just doesn't get it. Spend money and lose. Spend more money and lose. Spend more money and lose. Its called building for a reason. Piece by piece man.

Third is Modell. Just for the reason that he moved from a city that in a few years replaced his team. Should of had a better team of advisors. Look at Lemuix. He may know that the Pens need to move or get a new house, but he will exhaust every option before that day. I just don't think Modell worked hard enough to keep the Browns in Cleveland.

As for Davis, I love him. Great man for the NFL. promotes ideas and venues that make the league better than any other. For his team. Hey we run the ball and play D. For Al it will always be Tinseltown. Throw it deep have speed and big names. Got admire a guy who can stick to his guns for that long. [Notes Raiders won Superbowl with run game and D]

Couldn't agree with that more. Although I'm getting to hate Snyder more than Jones lately.

I can't believe I'm up here sitting in a snowstorm while you are down there where it is nice and warm! Going down to St. Cloud April 23rd to visit the in-laws. Hoping to see Clemens pitch since the stadium is right up the road. Got to see him pitch against Hampton and the Braves there last year.
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