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Default Who is hurting more??

Philadelphia without T.O. or us without Hines Ward? What worse?

As Steelers fans I know we could careless about what happens to the Eagles, But. I beleive we are hurting more than the Eagles. Because Hines is so much more than a wide receiver. He is probably, and arguably our MVP. Also this is a pivotal year for Ben. Being so young, now missing both his main targets from last year, has to suck.
On the other hand you have T.O. Mr.Selfish. I,I,I,I,Me,Me,Me,Me, This guy already has a huge contract. And he always has to be the center of attention. He is a cancer for his team. He is great, I will say that. But he is out of control.

Now with that said. In the great battle of Pennsylvania. I beleive without the two star wr`s. we still have the better team, by far. But we would still miss Hines more. Maybe more than any receiver on any team.

Sign Hines.
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