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Default Re: Will you welcome back Hines?

well put.. When and If he does come back my arms are WIDE open.. I can't wait to check the news one night and see we've got him in camp and all is well again.. Not a Steelers fan anywhere can say they wouldn't like to see him back. You can't deny what he's done for us and in comparison to other contracts out there (i.e. Moss,Owens etc) he's WELL underpayed for the commitment,solidarity and all around kickass player he has grown to be. In my opinion there is not one receiver out there that gives the 200 percent like Hines does and never once have I heard him whine about "throw me the ball".. The controversy Owens and Moss have brought to there teams is chaos in the form of a hurricane compared to the sprinkle Hines has produced. And yet franchises have forked out Millions for these arrogant egos that do nothing but cause havoc for there teamates.. I truly believe he'll come to his sences and this will be resolved before the 1st game. You can always look at this 2 ways and the 2 ways are obvious but I still can't believe they won't kick down just a little more for the guy that's brought the biggest smile in football.... It's not like EVERY year someone is holding out for more money.. Not many people have the talent like Hines to even attempt it let alone achieve the goal. If the Steelers are worried about future outbreaks I think it's safe to say there in the clear.. No one else (except maybe Ben.. if he can stay consistent) could even come close to turn heads in a hold out.. But with both sides being stubborn in there stance, it's scary to think it could all end in a loss for everyone.... In the end though i just wish for it to be all over and want Hines sportin that #86 for life!!! I don't feel he's a money mongor even through all this as he's just fighting for what he truly deserves.. And you can't compare it to some guy in Iraq making 20,000 a year getting shot at.. In reality it holds no water.. Because as cruel as it sounds (and i don't want to sound cruel but there's no nice way to say it) no ones paying $100 a ticket to go see him fight in Iraq.. I love our troops,support them and hope to God for there safety so don't take this the wrong way. But there's a big difference as to why they get paid the way they do.. At least compare it to the guy at Mcdonalds if your gonna compare wages.. But everyone makes there own decisions in life and Hines chose to rock the house..So the other way to look at this is Hines makes 1.65 million a year or so.. and Moss will make $75 million in 8 years which is about 9.375 million a year give or take a dollar or 2.. Now.. tell me that Moss deserves almost 8 million a year more than Hines... (not saying Hines deserves that or anyone for that matter let alone Moss.....)but I can see where he's coming from and i'm sure most do.. I think what most people are upset about is that it's Hines Ward asking.. The humble team player that can do no wrong.. Well were all human and sometimes an itch needs to be scratched.. And after seeing some of these boneheads scorin big contracts ... the itch becomes unbearable.... I almost feel sorry for Hines in a way if you take away amounts.. It's almost a slap in the face to do all you could ever do for a team and not get a consideration and then look down the road to Phili and see some jackass causing havoc all over the place and getting paid millions for it... Anwyays.. sorry for rambling but I just want my Hinezy back!! now i must pray............:P
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