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Default Re: Will you welcome back Hines?

Originally Posted by Steel Fury
what scares me is this: I heard Mort say on NFL Live last night that Hines is willing to sit out until week 6 when he has to report to be elegible for free agency. I can't picture this happening. I don't know how I would feel if it came to this. I keep expecting to wake up and hear something happened over night and there he is in camp smiling it up.
See if he does that....I won't welcome him back. I will still chear for him like I have every other Steeler (even the ones I don't really care for)! If it goes into the regular season, knowing how much we need him or a replacement for him, I will be pissed. Not only is he hurting the organization, but also the fans and his teamates. If we were to lose most of those games because we don't have a go to man, who would honestly be happy with him.
Now on the other hand, if he decides to report to camp...I will welcome him back...but like I said earlier, I will never look at him the same again! That's not saying he won't still be one of my favorites on the field if he produces, but not off the field!
I think we all know how much we need him to suceed this year. If he decides to not come back...we need to find a replacement now!
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