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Default Re: Michigan State/Notre Dame History

Originally Posted by Lyn View Post
Naw........MSU couldn't even find the 50 yard line, they planted it on the 35, per John L Smith And whomever said it yes they have had a cupcake schedule Idaho, Eastern Michigan and Pitt. Coach Smith has improved the program (thank you to him for that), but he and his staff are not the ones to take us to the next level. That is very clear.
I really think Mich St. needs a new coaching staff. The flag incident wasn't that big of a deal, but not acknowledging that it was wrong, trying to distract the media with the Megaphone trophy (which most ND fans have never even heard of), and making up stories about Charlie Weis is just unacceptable. The team has an absolutely excellent leader right now in Drew Stanton, but it could go down hill fast after he leaves. When a 22 year old quarterback exhibits more class than the coaches, there's a problem.
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