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Default Re: Is Cowher still the man for the job...

This my friends is a coach that just went 15-1 in the regular season. Yes he has stumbled in the playoffs. But come on this isn`t as easy as it looks. Some teams don`t even make the playoffs that often. Cowher never has that many down years back to back. Cleveland has played 1 playoff game in the last 12 years. Cincy hasn`t made the playoffs in 15+. Correct me if I`m wrong wasn`t it N.O. that has never won a playoff game?? I want top win as bad as anybody. Thing is 15-1 didn`t mean we were the best team last year. The Pats were still the best team all year. They already knew how to win. We destroyed them in the regular season, but that meant nothing to them. They did adjust to our strengths, and took advantage of our weaknesses. We gave it all we had, we werent able to adjust because thats all we had. A 15-1 coach should not have to look over his shoulder. If we were to let him go , teams would be interviewing him in a matter of seconds. Cowher really does want to win, and he will. I`m sure when he does he will cry like a baby. He is passionate about the Steelers, this is his home. He grew up a Steeler. And I will probably cry right along with him.
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