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Default Re: Column suggestions

How about what is the psychology of a fan that is so engrossed in players like TO?

Yesterday ESPN radio ratings(which many listen to on their computer) were out of site, got more hits than they have ever had in one day. Why? Is it because we are a compassionate nation and we do not like to see anyone suffer? Is it because we enjoy seeing rich people go down? Does a psychologist really know what makes people like TO click? Many say they do not like how TO acts, how he uses the NFL, etc but do they really feel that way? I know you are a minister, maybe YOU know why people seek attention. In my mind, TO is the best WR in the NFL today, but I really believe the man is a headcase and I did not believe he tried to commit sucide, not when I heard there was "woman" there. Do people who seriouslyu consider sucide do so with others around? Tony Dungy's son didn't. To me, that would be an interesting topic.
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