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Question Top 5 players LEAST likely to be with us next year...

A thread i can start without worry of someone already posting it. I'm wondering who all you think WON'T be in the black and gold next year,due to trades, cuts, holdouts, rehab, anything that could leave us without them for the regular season next year. Lets try and leave out people we're all fairly sure won't make the 53 team roster this year (ie Shaun Shuisham, Chris Collins)

My List, though probably not well thought out.

1. Lee Mays (all these young guys producing at camp, i'm not hearing much about ol' Lee)
2. Walter Rasby (we've got Miller for starter, Kranchick as long term backup, Tuman as Veteran/mentor)
3. Tyrone Carter* (I'd like to see us draft a FS early next draft, I dont like Chris Hope long term)
4. Matt Cushing (first we had him at TE, and then we didnt need TE's, so we moved him to FB where he'll fail to impress and be gone)
5. Tommy Maddox* ( What I'd like to see happen: St. Pierre pass up Batch on the depth chart, Batch to perform fairly well, and Maddox get traded.)

*picks i'm most likely to get grief for. oh well.

Your takes?
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