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Question What Are Your Pre-Game Rituals?

A few years back, one of the Pittsburgh papers ran an article about fan superstitions and the things Steelers fans do before during and after a game. I thought it would be kind of fun, as we get ready for Monday?s game to talk about fan quirks.

My wife and I always wear our Steelers jerseys for the games. In the rare case we don?t have the jerseys on (let?s say we are visiting relatives for example), we never put the jerseys on while the game is in progress- bad luck. The jersey can never be taken off during the game, if it is taken off we lose. Once, my wife took a bath at half time and she took the jersey off. Once she got out, she put it back on. There were no plays while the jersey was off, and she put it back on. The result was a tie with the Falcons. If the Steelers lose, we wash the jerseys, to get the bad luck out. If they win, we don?t wash the jerseys. That?s right, folks, we didn?t wash them for 15 straight weeks last year (including the playoffs).

Before the opening kickoff, we light a candle that is encased in a Steelers glass. The candle has to be blown out after the first Steelers score. If it is a touchdown, the candle has to blown out before the point attempt.

Anyone else have any quirky things they do?
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