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Originally Posted by paw-n-maul-u View Post
alright ... wait ... benson on the bears sure has taken the back seat the last two years ... reggie bush in new orleans ... williams to carolina ... I think the whole point of drafting michael bush if it happened would be to COMPLEMENT parker ... or actually i would hope the other way around ... parker can do some pretty good work against the likes of miami and cincy, but wait until this week vs. San Diego ... if he goes past 50 yards against them i would be impressed ... we don't have a big back that can wear a team down ... parker should never go above 10-15 carries a game ... i just dont think he's suited to be an every down back ... not to mention until these past two years he really has never carried the load for a team (which is another thing that concerns me) ... the steelers need another RB that can take 20 or so carries a game and take pressure off ben and parker ... I would much rather see two pairs of fresh legs with loads of DIFFERENT TYPE of talent to offer to our running game than rely soley on parker.

anyway, here's to hoping that ben gets his shizz straight, our recievers learn to hold on to the ball, and our secondary stops giving up such big passes

10-15 carries a game? Are you crazy (No offense ) but he has def proved he can handle it well atleast early in the year. We dont know what will happen later though but he is def better than last year. He runs with more power then he ever has.
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