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Default OSU vs. Michigan

This could one of Top 3 match-ups of the decade so far. The stellar Buckeye defense and quietly prolific Wolverine offense should prove to be one of the most anticipated battles - up there with hype around the Sooners vs. SC & Longhorns vs. SC - and deservingly so.

This game may not only decide who plays in the National Championship but also may decide the Heisman Trophy. Henne certainly shows he should contend.

The OSU victory against Texas is as worthy a litmus test as any team playing against Miami and FSU this season. Mack Brown and Bud Adams and whoever thought that Texas playing Angelica Huston State would somehow help the dysfunction known as the BCS forgot to take the Lithium. Even Pee Wee Herman wouldn't have the audacity to molest such a helpless victim in the bathroom let alone on national television.

That being said the Buckeyes deserve to be No. 1 for now and until the end if they run the table. Solid team. But the s**t talking is only going to get worse before it gets better.

SC had a bad outing on the road but clouds are not rolling in on Troy. The youth and inexperience may be apparent. Just showing up is not enough to win. That point will be driven home this week in practice.
Good college season so far.
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