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Default Re: Burress jabs at the Steelers

Hey cant argue with him on practices being harder, cause we really don`t know that. I could see thier practices being harder.
If Eli does have a stronger arm, big friggin deal. It can`t be that much stronger, if at all. Elway had a cannon, but alot of other Superbowl winners didn`t, did it matter. Eli`s personalitiy sucks , if you ask me. Before even being drafted, refusing to play for San Diego. Manning will suffer for that.
As far as Plax running off at the mouth. No surprise at all. We all knew it would happen. Instead he should be thanking the Steelers for drafting him in the first round. If we wouldn`t have , nobody would have. He had one big game his last year in college, it just happen to be the bowl game.
I don`t want to sound like a whinner when it comes to former Steelers, there are alot I would root for when they left. But not Plax, he is just a tad immature. I will root for Kendrell Bell, idid root for Bubby, and Gildon and a few others. But screw Plax. even though we could use him right now.
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