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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I wouldn't rule out a move for Moss by the Patriots - but I think he is a long way from the type of player the Patriots can afford on their roster.

Alot was made of Dillons 'character issues' but the guy was willing to take a pay cut to get a ring, which is something I doubt Moss would do.

This subject has been batted around for a few days now on the Patriots forum, but more as a 'fantasy scenario' rather than something that might actually happen.

How are the Steelers fixed for salary cap space?

Pittsburgh currently ranks as a bottom 5 team in terms of passing the ball (YPG) despite having a middle rank amount of attempts.

I would say that their need is greater.

the steelers need another wr like they need another hole in the head. they led the league in ypa last year with a devised scheme of not needing to pass 30 times a game. plus they couldnt afford moss with current contracts of ben and polamalu that need extended.

so...they dont have the need, money, or the trade bait that the pats have. if you cant see the pats need for a deep threat, or the fact that moss would be an upgrade i dont know whats wrong with you. unless you think pointing out an area of need widely accepted by pundits and analysts all over is a slam. while brady is throwing the ball and doing ok spreading it around, a significantly lower % is going to the wr's.

what do you have to suggest moss wouldnt take the 7 million or so a year the pats were willing to give branch? like i said the moss and dillon situation are almost mirror images.
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