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Originally Posted by Lyn View Post
Has anyone noticed this "new rule?" Clearly it is an asinine rule. I noticed it on Friday night, enjoying the Scarlet Knights eek out a win at South Florida. USF scored a TD with :15 to go to pull within 22-20, so naturally they have to go for 2 points. They fail (thanks to a dropped pass - my how the fortunes of Rutgers have turned). So with USF having no timeouts, all Rutgers has to do after the onsides kick is run one play to take a knee and the ballgame is over.

But WAIT! Thanks to the new clock rule, Rutgers doesn't even have to send the offense on the field! The officials spot the ball, and the clock runs off the final :15 while the coaches are shaking hands.
If a team has all of their timeouts, in a similar situation they will have to burn their first one before the other team even runs first down! It eliminates a team from completing a defensive stand by a three-and-out at the expense of their timeouts.

It's a spectacularly bad rule, basically if you score in the last minute of a game now, the other team has absolutely no chance of coming back.
Another thing to remember is that the clock starts when the ball is kicked, not when the ball is touched which takes more time off the clock, returner runs it back and is tackled, clock stops whilst the ball is set then it starts again. Georgia scored with 46 seconds left last week, Colorado were huddling on the sideline when the clock started after the return so they only got two plays off - it is bad enough as it is but when it eliminates things like receivers going in motion because it takes too much time of the clock then it shows you how stupid it is.
One team last week (can't remember who) held the ball for an entire quarter because of the new clock rules too.

I can't see why they can't have it like the NFL where they keep the clock running after every first down.
Apparently they can't shorten halftime because then the marching bands can't fit their performances in to anything less than 20 minutes. Sums up nicely where the NCAA's priorities lie......
They're trying to fix something that wasn't broke to begin with -- I bet they switch it back within a couple of years...
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