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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Pittsburgh currently ranks as a bottom 5 team in terms of passing the ball (YPG) despite having a middle rank amount of attempts.

I would say that their need is greater.
just to expand on this point the pats wr's have 33 catches for 396 yards and 4 td's through 4 games. thats 99 yards and 1 td/ game

steelers? 24catches 307 yards and 2 td's. about 102 ypg. both sets of wr get about 8 catches a game. if roethlisberger and the steelers led the league in passing last year i'd be a little concerned. the pats wr's are looking very steeleresque. are any of their wr's injured? i know s. smith and d. stallworth havent quite been the same with their hamstring injury. im expecting ward to pick it up with 2 weeks of rest and a full month of practice.

i know the answer is ben watson is like a receiver and they have a strong running game and that is great, especially if you wanna have a team like the falcons, chiefs or chargers. but ben watson better step it up with his 3 reception and less than 50 yard per game average. not very gates, gonzalez, or crumpler like.
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