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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the steelers need another wr like they need another hole in the head. they led the league in ypa last year with a devised scheme of not needing to pass 30 times a game. plus they couldnt afford moss with current contracts of ben and polamalu that need extended.
They could start by getting rid of Wilson and Washington.

Wilson is a No.2 receiver in name for the Steelers yet he has only ever caught more than 35 balls once in his career - and that was for the 49ers.

Last year with the Steelers he managed 26.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
so...they dont have the need, money, or the trade bait that the pats have. if you cant see the pats need for a deep threat, or the fact that moss would be an upgrade i dont know whats wrong with you.
So the Patriots need a 'deep threat' but the Steelers dont?

Who has been the deep threat this year for the Steelers?

Wilson maybe?

Who averages 1 catch a game?

As for upgrades - Moss is better than anything the Steelers or patriots have on their roster in terms of talent - that cannot be disputed.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
unless you think pointing out an area of need widely accepted by pundits and analysts all over is a slam
I've heard alot of 'pundits' tell everyone who'd listen that the Patriots are done, that they have made one cheapskate move too many - then I look at them back pedal after we dismantle the 'No.1' team in the AFC.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
while brady is throwing the ball and doing ok spreading it around, a significantly lower % is going to the wr's.
A lower % is going to the WR's because they, unlike Corey Dillon,Kevin Faulk, Ben Watson and Daniel Graham are mostly new to the Patriots scheme this year.

I expect Caldwell and Gabriel to start for us this week - they have barely started a game for the Patriots.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
what do you have to suggest moss wouldnt take the 7 million or so a year the pats were willing to give branch? like i said the moss and dillon situation are almost mirror images.
Corey Dillon was a calculated gamble by the Patriots after some pretty tough interviews - I can't say for sure that Moss wouldn't react the same as he has but I would think it unlikely - Dillon always gave 100% on the field.

Last year was mostly an anomaly regarding the amount of attempts Brady had - we had guys off the street starting at RB at certain stages of the season, and due to our injury list on D we were chasing alot of games.

This year figures to be different, I expect the patriots to keep the ball on the ground out of choice, not necessity.

We have one of the best RB combo's in the league - why would we be airing out long bombs - even last year we didnt hit a massive amount of deep throws.


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