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WHOA! Noone is more into band than I am! I love college & high school bands.

My husband was a band "geek" as you call them j/k and he is the most well rounded individual I know. The experiences he obtained from band never can be outdone. He also received a music schlorship. The comment, "You can tell where NCAA's priorities lie..." was a stupid comment and not even closely meant to infer that band is bad.

This whole clock thing really irks me to no end as does the NCAA with their arcaric rules, the BCS which is total BS, it was not at all meant for any kid who takes on band because that is a huge undertaking and only a person who is willing to committ hours upon hours of practice and many happy times, as well as work, need apply.

I am so sorry, I love bands, I love cheerleaders, I love the debate team, the chess club I respect any kid that applies themselves to doing anything extracurricular supervised by teachers.

<how would u feel if during the sb halftime show the announcer said "oops ur time is up. bye prince" (thought tht is wht i am wishin will happen)? or for nonprince fans pick ur favorite band and put in place of prince.>

I would choose a band over anyone, anytime!

got band?

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