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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i havent seen or heard anyone mention this but it just seems too obvious. while it made sense that r. moss would be willing to leave oakland he made it official in a recent foxsports interview where he said theres alot of people not happy there and he would be more than willing to play somewhere else.

everyone knows the pats have talked to the raiders. they couldnt have worked out a trade for d. gabriel otherwise. im sure feelers were put out for players like moss or porter. there were rumors they were interested in lelie. the one thing that has hurt them the most this year has been the lack of a deep threat. in fact, moss is such a deep threat, you have to wonder if brady has the armstrength to keep up. sometimes culpepper didnt. moss would have his most accurate passer since his rookie year where he put up 17 td's.

moss wouldnt be that much more than d. branch's asking price. the money saved by not having vinatieri or branch could probably pay for moss in itself. why would a team that is supposedly committed to fielding a playoff team year after year, stockpile money and risk alienating its star player?

i cant see why the patriots wouldnt try to make this happen. the precedent is there when they moved to acquired c. dillon. the passing game now is almost in the same situation the running game was then.

the question is what would it take to pry moss from al davis's hands?

the pats 1st round draft pick in 07
m. cassell and
c. jackson?

i was beginning to think if the pats receiving game didnt start to pick up like it did against the bengals we could even see a trade this season especially if it continued to get worse.

the pats 1st round draft pick in 07
m. cassell and
c. jackson?

im impressed! that is a heckuva scenario and very doable. the hardest part for me would be giving up on Cassell. im thinking more about Daniel Graham, who's contract is becoming an issue, but is a valuable TE. or, for Moss, i could see the Patriots making it something like Jackson, the 2007 1st rounder, and maybe a 2nd in 2008.

if Moss goes to the Patriots, seeing as for me the key was the development of Jackson, then the Patriots are back on top in 2006 as far as im concerned.
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