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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4 View Post

the pats 1st round draft pick in 07
m. cassell and
c. jackson?

im impressed! that is a heckuva scenario and very doable. the hardest part for me would be giving up on Cassell. im thinking more about Daniel Graham, who's contract is becoming an issue, but is a valuable TE. or, for Moss, i could see the Patriots making it something like Jackson, the 2007 1st rounder, and maybe a 2nd in 2008.

if Moss goes to the Patriots, seeing as for me the key was the development of Jackson, then the Patriots are back on top in 2006 as far as im concerned.
i think it would give them quite a set of "TRIPLETS". i threw in cassel because he was a low investment for the pats, one of the raiders perceived greatest needs, and someone who the pats will probably never use. ( buy low and sell high- weve seen how voleks trade value has dropped and m. schaubs will probably do the same). the raiders could definitely use d. graham but so can the pats (although with the addition of moss he would be very expendable as would watson probably).

i think if davis was willing to give up his best player he would want somebody who he felt he could possibly be a franchise player. that is what he thought when he traded for moss in the 1st place. while jackson, a first (keep in mind the pats have 2), and a second is fair, i dont think the old man would go for it, (not that im sure hed even go for cassell, jackson and a 1st)
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