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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4 View Post
i dunno. i think its like adding Dennis Johnson to the Celtics, all the veterans there set the tone, or Sheffield on the Yankees, or as Tony keeps reminding us, Dillon to the Patriots. Bill Belichick knows how to get through to people like Moss. For cry eye, hes close friends with Jim Brown.
i think New England would be the perfect place for Moss. Too many winning personalities on that club for him to be what he was in Minnesota, which also, btw, was the best receiver in the world.
if im the Patriots, i take the chance.
Who is to say that Dillon is anything like Moss, personality wise?

Sure they have both had their run-ins with management, but I dont remember Corey ever telling anyone who'd listen that he 'didnt care' what was happening with his team.

If anything Dillon cared too much, he was sick of putting up Pro-bowl numbers only for the rest of the team to demonstrate a total disregard for winning games.

From the top down the Bengals were a joke.

Then when things start to pick up, he gets an opportunity to play on a team capable of winning 8 games in a single season instead of spread over 3 seasons he gets usurped by a younger model.

Moss hasn't shown me anything like that degree of passion, just a general apathy.

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