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Default Re: Official Steelers vs Eagles Game talk thread

What I'm looking forward to seeing:

A.) Seeing how fast, and who, Old Man Willie is replaced with. On another note, I'd love to see Willie beat all these young guys and start all season and suprise everyone. Remember everyone saying The Bus was out of fuel? now people aren't saying if Willie'll get replaced, but WHEN. Deja Vu...
B.) Seeing how Ben does, and if any of our young WRs stick out (rooting for Cobb)
C.) Polamalu knock some Eagles around
D.) Undrafted rookie John Kuhn's playing time. I read somewhere that Cowher told him he'd have some. I'd love to see him suprise us and do twice as good as Willie Parker did last season.
E.) Bettis doing what he does best
F.) How the OL does overall.

woo, i'd love to see a local guy like Kuhn end up as our starter... oh well, i can dream...
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