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Default Re: Official Steelers vs Eagles Game talk thread

The five guys I'll be paying the most attention to:

1. Big Ben - Pretty obvious. It all starts with him.

2. Max Starks - He's the biggest question mark in my mind going into this season. Kendall Simmons' health is a question mark, but I never questioned his play. Kendall is a beast when healthy. Max...we'll see. Everyone knows he has the size. He was knocked for his technique and tenacity coming out of Florida. But I have faith in Russ Grimm.

3. James Harrison - Everyone is falling in love with James Harrison. He's nasty, etc. I thought he was very good in limited duty last year, and it'll be nice to see him with the first team D.

4. Cedrick Wilson - Let's see that speed, let's see that route running.

5. Heath Miller - Of course he'll get a token pass thrown his way, but I hope he gets a little more than that. I'll be watching his blocking closely as well.

I could have went on and on, especially with the young CBs, but I'm limiting this list to five.
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