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Default Re: Is Cowher still the man for the job...

Originally Posted by SteelersNation7
I dont dislike him but he sure made some great calls in the championship game last year against the Pats...running on 1st and 2nd downs...putting a rookie QB in third and long situations...against the best NFL team in a decade....Brilliant moves...
Why not?? Ben did perfectly fine the first time they played with basically the same game plan. The reason I believe we choke in the playoffs is due to the players and the players only.. Any given play can go 2 ways.. backwards or forwards. It was obvious from the get go that Ben had the playoff jitters even in the Jets game.. He just wasn't throwing like he had in previous games. Same goes for the backs.. and the O line.. No one was doing there job like they HAD been doing and to tell you the truth, i think N.E. just wanted it more.. There was no fire coming from the Steelers and no amount of spit flyin is gonna change that.. Even in the Kordell era, or Maddox, or O'neil, alot of the times the QB would just fail at getting the ball to the guys and down the tubes we went.. Cower has gotten us to the playoffs damn near every year he's been here so I know his leadership is above and beyond what the rest of the NFL teams have had to go with. I for one would sign him to a lifetime contract for as long as he wants. I have friends that aren't even Steelers fans but LOVE Cower and his intensity. They would LOVE to have a coach with his fire and determination.. We'd be smart to never let that go.. In the end... Every play can result in a touchdown if executed correctly so previous failures can only be the result of 11 things... the players on the field.....
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