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Default Re: Notebook: Porter sounds unimpressed with Rivers

Originally Posted by Stillers#1 View Post
Touchy touchy. I am not saying Ben wasa a bad pick at all, but you are a fool to think HE won all of those games. I just think Rivers is a better fit for our system, thats all. I don't care about last year anymore, I care about the future.
I did not state Ben was solely responsible for wining all those games, but he ceratinly was on the field when those games were won (while Rivers was holding out and then carrying a clipboard in San Diego). Ben's team won all those games - that is why they call it a system. If the purpose of a system is to win games, I find it difficult to believe that Rivers would have done any better in "our system" over the last 2 years than Ben.

That having been said, since you not only believe me to be incorrect but a "fool" for challenging your opinion (thanks for the nuanced response), please indicate exactly what it is about Rivers that makes him a better fit for "our system," given that his vast NFL experience to date consists of being on the field when the Chargers beat the 2 worst teams in the league and lost to the Ravens this season (I assume you are not basing your opinion on the Denver game last season or Rivers career at NC State). References to specific types of pass patterns where Rivers is a more effective passer than Ben specifically will be appreciated.

And to those posters who apparently did not get it, my prior post was sarcastic - our starting QB played on teams that went 14-1 his rookie year and won the Super Bowl his second year; anyone who seriously contends Philip Rivers would have done any better is not making an observation that is based in reality.

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