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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
not when they bring charles rogers in for a look-see. pretty much blows your theory about randy moss, and the pats not needing or wanting a deep threat out of the water. character doesnt seem to be much of an issue.
There is a big difference between scouting available players who might be able to fill a need in an emergency and giving up a 1st round pick, our 2nd choice QB and whatever else you had us giving up for Moss.

Its all a question of scale and risk.

There is no risk associate with 'taking a look' at Rogers, just the same as there was 'no risk' with the addition of celebrated fat kid, Johnathan Sullivan, for an unwanted WR.

Giving up your back-up QB and 1st roiund pick - is a big risk.

Im pretty sure you can see that.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
pretty tough interviews? as opposed to all other interviews? i gotta call you on this bullshit. ask any bengalfan and im sure they would agree dillon is more of a locker room distraction than moss. if he always gave 100% rudi johnson wouldnt have pushed him out of the job. like i said the situation of bringing in moss would be EXACTLY the same as bringing in dillon. of course you can ignore everything dillon has done in the past cause he is a current pat. if moss became a pat you would forgive all his misgivings just the same.

good luck with rogers.
Ask any Bengals fan?

Sure, that would give me a nice unbiased view on the guy - of course they will say he is a 'distraction' maybe even a cancer.

Go ask a Patriots fan how much of a traitor Vinatieri is, then ask a Colts fan - bet you dont get matching answers!

If Moss became a Patriot I would back him 100% - if the Patriots management give him the ok then that is more than enough for me.

It is, however, my opinion they would not trade for him, and certainly not at the short sighted over zealous trade value you assign him.

maybe im wrong though, you have a real great idea about trade value as you were so desperate to tell us - how'd that Branch trade work out for you?

1st rounder was it?

No, let me know better than the Patriots and Seahawks (teams that have contested the last 3 SB's) management about a players trade value


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