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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
sorry but your premise wasnt about "scale and risk". it was about moss disrupting the locker room chemistry of the pats and not giving 100%. but feel free to change your tune.

r. moss > c. rogers or gabriel, caldwell, jackson etc.

how'd that trade work out for the seahawks? they wouldve been better off trading for moss. but then again their mgmt has had a few off season blunders:

not franchising hutchinson
overpaying for burleson
overpaying for branch

anyways the whole premise of this thread is the pats need for a deep threat. one you implied wasnt there. looks like pats management proved you wrong and me right by bringing in rogers. whats new? the best deep threat available is r. moss. the best player who could have the biggest impact in the pats offense is r. moss. the team who has the most to offer is the pats.

i'll just put this lesson on your tab.

you dont really think one of the best receivers in the game (and possibly all time) would come cheaper than deion branch did you? lol.
You are going to tell me what my own 'premise' was?

Of course I think that Moss wouldnt be a great addition to 'lockerroom chemistry' and that he doesn't always give 100%.

To clarify further, it would be a huge risk for the Patriots, in my opinion, to trade away their only back-up QB and a 1st rounder to get Moss on board.

You were the one attempting to draw parallels to the Patriots 'looking at' Charles Rogers and signing Moss - I was simply explaining why there is simply no comparison between the two situations.

As for your growing obsession about the Patriots requirement for a 'deep threat' .... I can't understand where you are getting it from.

You are the guy with the tired 'dink and dunk' schtick regarding Brady's successful passing offense - now you are telling us that because we have traded away a guy (who specialised in medium to short routes) we now suddenly have a burning need for a speedy deep threat?

Sorry, thats just illogical.

Sure, we had speedy guys on the roster - Bethel Johnson, Tim Dwight, Andre Davis - and you know how many passes they caught between them last year?


Thats about 11 each - alot less than 1 a game.

So you can see how important the deep ball, and the speedy WR are to Tom Brady.

No, I think we'll stick to WR's who can run solid routes and catch the accurately thrown ball in traffic.

Oh and to return to the Charle Rogers scenario - he is a guy that has come in for a few workouts - more than likely to give us something to work with if we lose a bunch of WR's at a later stage of the season and leave us in an 'emergency' situation.

Its that type of forward planning that makes the Patriots the most successful team in the salary cap era.

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