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Default Re: 53 man roster Survivor

i may disagree with the CBs. I have heard that McFAdden has been doing great, but i don't know.
Just reports i have heard. Ok but i know Mcfadden is making the team. So is Gison.

QB ? Roethlisberger, Maddox, St. Pierre

HB ? Bettis, Staley, Parker, Haynes [b]Herron{/b]

FB ? Kreider

WR ? Ward, Randle El, Wilson, Gibson, Mays Washington

TE ? Miller, Tuman

T ? M. Smith, Starks, Brooks

G ? Faneca, Simmons, Jones

C ? Hartings, Okobi

NT ? Hampton, Hoke

DE ? Smith, Von Oelhoffen, Keisel, Kirschke

OLB ? Porter, Haggans, J. Harrison, Jackson

ILB ? Farrior, Foote, Kriewaldt

CB ? Townsend, Williams, Colcough, Taylor, Mcfadden

FS ? Hope

SS - Polamalu

K ? Reed

P ? Gardocki

LS - Schneck

So i added those guys. Im not sur eif Batch or St. Pierre will make the team, but i put St. Pierre.

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