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Default Re: Is Cowher still the man for the job...

this thread should b a joke. He is the longest tenured coach because he MAKES THE PLAYOFFS. He gets it done. WE cannot fire a coach who gets us to the playoffs a whole lot (dont have any exact amazing playoff stats). other then us being like 29 and 10 sense the steelers entered the league way back.

A few years aho, Cowher needed to be fired. When we needed a QB, he waited, waited, waited, waited, waited, waited. Until FINALLY he got BigBen. We have gotten so LUCKY with MAddox, and then BigBen coming is so quicly and playing well. But during the Stewart days, i was so angry. We could have gotten pennington, but then again cowher made a good move there because taht kid is mediocre and injury prone. Then with RBs we picked up Staley which i thought was an ok move. However, he is injury prone and he is only OK in my opinion. I wanted an EXPLOSIVE RB. I am hoping that in the 06 draft we use our first pick to get a RB, but from past history, that would be crazy. Then in the second round, WR. Then in third, CB. Then in 4th, oline.

THERE U GO. I dont think Cowher fills his holes on the team very well, even though thats not all him, but u cant get rid of him, he gets us to the playoffs almost every year!

But then there is the other argument, that our division hasnt had any real competition. Which is partly true. The Browns for the most part have sucked, the Bengals FOR THE MOST PART jave sucked, and the Ravens are on and off. This year the Ravens and Bengals and Browns are all coming up now. So the next few years will be a real test. And i hope Rooney notices that he needs to make some moves to make our team better.

I feel like we can always get to the playoffs, even the AFC Championship, however, i wish we could take the next step, and i felt this year was are chance more then ever! With the pats losing alot of guys, we have a chance! If we can beat the Colts, we are superbowl contenders in my mind! However we didn't go out and get anything. But its hard to complain when the team makes the playoffs all the time.
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