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Default Your Top  Hated NFL Teams (Steelers Fans Only

If you are not a Steelers fan, stay of this forum topic! Go rant elsewhere!

This one is simple. Feel free to be comment on your picks.

Who are the top 5 NFL teams you hate as a Steelers fan?

My list:

5. San Fransico 49'ers
4. New England Patriots
3. Dallas Cowboys
2. Baltimore (Ratbird) Ravens
1. Cleveland Browns

As of yesterday, the Eagles went from #4 on my list to #6. I am in no way an Eagles fan. I hate their annoying fans. I use to respect the Patriots. Then the "dynasty" label got stamped on them, plus they once again bumped the Steelers off a Super Bowl run. The Pats are now a permanent member of my hate list.

As for the 49'ers, I repsect their franchise, yet do not like them for 2 obvious reasons. #1 is 5 Super Bowl championships. #2 is an undefeated Super Bowl record. It may sound weird, yet I wnat them the go to a Super Bowl and lose. That's only after the Steelers get that "one for the thumb"!

If you can't figure out why I picked the other 3 teams in my hate list, then you might not be a diehard Steelers fan. These top 3 picks probably are on everyone's list.

Here we go Steelers, here we go! Thanks for a great season!

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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