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Default Re: OK - Why Has It All Come Apart

I think there are several reasons why we lost this game tonight

1 O-line play was bad, the whole 2nd half and esp. late in the game Ben had no time to throw and got sacked 5 times

2 The defense couldn't get a stop; Rivers picked them apart, that's a scary thought for the rest of the season.

Big Ben made several mistakes, but overall I was much encouraged by his play, he looked pretty good other than that bonehead throw on the flee flicker. The other interception was as much the o-lines fault as his, admittedly he shoulndt have thrown it but he had no time and was trying to make something happen.

I'm not saying the season is lost; if there is any team that can battle its way back throughout the season, its the Steelers. However, it is time to be very concerned about the problems with this team. We can't afford any more losses yet it's beginning to seem like we can't stop them from occuring.
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