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Default Re: OK - Why Has It All Come Apart

Originally Posted by SteelersHoss View Post
Man, this is ridiculous. Everyone is all over them already. I will admit that they are in trouble, but come on. You people bashing Cohwer, and the whole team, were probably the same fans who claimed that they were the best in the world after they won the Superbowl and wanted them as the President of the United States. Which way to the Bandwagon???
Cut them some slack will ya. We are SteelerNation. We support them 100% win or Lose
Hear Hear. No team is as good as it seems or as bad. When you look at them, there's not a whole lot that separates this team from last years. The ball bounces this or that way - and a 1-3 team is easily 2-2 or 3-1. There's a LOT of football left to be played and I refuse to give up on the season after only 4 games. I just saw Ben on ESPN and at least he said the right things: "we're close... I'm not gonna point any fingers, I'm just gonna point a thumb, and that goes right back to me." He's no Peyton Manning! (and that's a good thing!)
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