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Default Re: Desperation, 2 trick plays that back fired!

Originally Posted by DoctorJanSteelerFan View Post
lol Ok, I know what you're saying X-T, but I probably didn't make myself very clear.

Does it make sense for the coaches to keep putting a guy in who isn't recovered, never got the rehab he needed, and continues to struggle without even realizing that he is struggling? His confidence is getting more and more shattered with each loss. I'm not blaming Ben completely for playing bad (even tho he made bad choices). I'm faulting the medical staff and coaches for either not understanding or denying what his injuries did to him physically and especially mentally/psychologically for playing professional football. His confidence is getting shattered out on the field because he didn't GET the right rehab to begin with. They put their heads in the sand and treated him like he was either superman or an accountant going back to a desk job. I'd love to see Ben back to his potential but that won't happen just throwing him back out onto the football field week after week. They can keep putting him out there and he might recover slowly but it's a crapshoot to know when that will be.
OK, now that you have put it in this sense, I understand where you are coming from. Sorry I've been so hard on you - I'm just a guy who doesn't have much patience for bandwagonism.

Actually, I know a couple of people who were skeptical after his accident that he may not be the same QB afterward, that it would mess him up psychologically, so your thoughts here aren't off-base. Even I admit to having some of the same fears, but when I saw him take the field and saw for myself how good he looked in camp prior to the preseason games, I thought he was ready to go. I don't think anyone on the team really felt like he wasn't ready psychologically by then, because I'm sure Ben didn't give them any indication that he wasn't, but something that can linger in a person's subconscious. It's possible that his decision-making and reluctance to take off and run like he had been in the past could be the result of a mental block stemming from the accident and his other health problems, as clearly he is not the same QB he has been. But I still don't agree with benching him for any reason.
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