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Default Re: Steelers vs. Chargers Game Talk

Things Under QB control:

1 - Plant both feet before you throw. Even last year when he scrambled and make passes 'on the fly' he would plant.

2 - Make reads quicker. Result of lingering injury to brain?

3 - If nothing's available, throw it away. JV QB's know this.

4 - If you're only throwing accurately to a 5-6 foot circle of your target(maybe as a result of 1), don't throw into double coverage. Most of his passes this year have been waaaaay too high. The rest are in front of or behind the receivers. Given his current level of accuracy, he just shouldn't be throwing balls into two/three man situations.

Just for the sake of arguement(cause at this point we really don't have anything else to lose), why not throw in batch for a few series during the next game? Hell, let him start and see what he can do. Right now, we CAN'T do any worse, so why not? Let Ben take some snaps, and if it looks like the same old crap, throw Batch in for a series.

I could care less at this point about hurting someone's feelings because "he's our guy". F that. I want to win ballgames. If Batch gives us a better chance to win, even if it's only during one or two plays, then he should be the one in the ballgame.
"You missed the kick," Starks said at one point. "Way to go, Vanderjagt."
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