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Default Re: Onwards, Steeler Nation!

Hallelujah!!! A thread with optimism!!! Kudos and rep to you clarient.

The Steelers are 4 games into the season and are 1-3 at the moment with 12 - YES 12 - games to play, 5 of those games against divisional opponents. Their season is NOT over and they have the capabilities and talent to turn it all around. If some of you want to jump down off of the bandwagon and give up on this team, so be it -that's your choice. It's my choice to stand behind a team that I've loved all of my life, it's my choice to believe in them and it's my choice to remind each and every one of you who threw in your Terrible Towel tonight when this team does turn it around that you gave up on 'em when they needed your support the most.

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