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Default Re: What about the game?

I believe it was a VERY BAD GAME.

1 - Our O-line was like Swiss Cheese. Two weeks ago we're moving 400lb Sam Adams around like a rag doll and this week the flood gates open up. We made no adjustments to account for his presence.
2 - With the O-line stinking up the joint, our running game had no where to go.
3 - Ben looked more like Maddox then a 3rd year pro.
4 - Our front 7 couldn't even touch Rivers after the Chargers made adjustments. Did you get that, Marty made adjustments to account for our aggressive defense!!
5 - Our DB's looked like a deer in the headlights most of the game!

The next several games should be easier games but if the team as a collective whole doesn't get their heads out of the posteriors, then it's going to be a long season, and a bad way to represent a team that is defending Super Bowl Champs.

This losing (just like winning) could turn habit forming making the slope downward very slippery!!!

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