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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

I've seen a progressive weakening of the DB's. Without a doubt, the line is solid, since everyone is still having the hardest time rushing against us.

The offense is definately in a slump. It was weak in the pre-season and minus the adrenaline rush of the opening game, the Steeler's offense is big time lacking its usual character. Even if Wiz is twaeking things, the passing game needs some major development. There is a lot of potental with the wide-out we have, ie Nate, etc. (Ward definately has proved himself.)

I keep forgetting who #44 is. He definately needs more play time. If this was the NHL, I'd send him to Wilkes-Barre to get some meaningless practice in, then send him back late this season or next season. In the mean time, Duce is taking up space in both the sidelines and on the payroll. If Duce was 95+% healthy, he'd be a good solution, yet he's been a waste since traded from the Eagles. As for Parker, we need to stick to using him in his role of "Fast Willie". He definatlely is not a back that can pound the ball.

As for Ben, you can only place so much blame on him. Ben is the man. I rather there be a slump now that last year or his rookie year. When Ben is in full swing and these other holes are patched, watch out. Its true that one man can lose the game, [*cough O'Donell cough*], yet in this case it is multiple people in multiple areas.

With a Ratbird win tonight, the Steelers are in some serious trouble. Yet we've seen worse. Hold on, since there is plenty of football left. Once we get handed 4 or 5 more losses, then we can pack up our bags and call it a season. What a heart breaker start of a season.

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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