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Default Re: We got exactly what we Deserved,.....

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
No sense bein' all self-flagellating about it. I think the team is a lot better than they are playing. 13-3 still gets it done, I'd think. Talk to me after we've dropped 6 (which definitely could happen), I'll be agreeing with you, to a point anyhow.

Saints be praised - another optimistic Steelers fan - I was starting to feel a little lonely around here.

It sickens me to death to hear some of these so-called fans ready to give up on a team 4 games into the season - there's a whole helluva lot of football yet to be played and anything can happen. I'm going to continue to proudly wave my Terrible Towel and have faith in my Steelers that they will turn it around and return to the level of play we all know they are very capable of.

Steelers fans have, for the most part, been spoiled for decades (not too many other teams out there who can boast that they've given to their fans what the Steelers have for such a long period of time) and I believe winning games, playoff games and championships has become more of an expectation to some of these fans. All teams have ebbs and tides and the Steelers are in an ebb right now. The issues presently surrounding this team are very fixable, but the team has to come together as one and turn itself around - no one can do it for them. We as fans have to be patient and support them as we would a member of our own family - after all, isn't the Steelers Nation an extended family?

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