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Default Re: OK - Why Has It All Come Apart

Originally Posted by SteelersHoss View Post
Man, this is ridiculous. Everyone is all over them already. I will admit that they are in trouble, but come on. You people bashing Cohwer, and the whole team, were probably the same fans who claimed that they were the best in the world after they won the Superbowl and wanted them as the President of the United States. Which way to the Bandwagon???
Cut them some slack will ya. We are SteelerNation. We support them 100% win or Lose
Great post Hoss and I'm with you hon!

Reading some of the comments in the game day thread earlier this morning made me want to heave. Some of you call yourselves Steelers fans? Throwing in your TT's just 4 games into the season???? Calling for Cowher's head???? Wanting to shatter Ben's confidence when he is trying to get it back and put in Batch???? I also noted that many of you don't come around unless the Steelers are in trouble during a game - what the hell is that all about? Nevermind - the answer is pretty clear.

Blind optimism my ass. It's called faith in and loyalty to an organization and team I have loved for over 40 years, a team I have experienced the highs and lows with and a team that has given me season upon season of excitement, surprises and fulfillment. If we were in Week 12 or 13, I could possibly understand some of the comments, but for God's sake - we're FOUR games into the season and some of you want to throw in the towel and declare this season over - do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds????

I also am not blind to the problems that the team is experiencing, but as I've said in other threads, they are fixable. There are 12 weeks of football remaining (3/4 of the season) and I'm going to continue to believe that this team will get it together. When adversity stared them in the face last season, they believed enough in themselves and each other to put their noses to the grindstone and do whatever it took to win 8 straight en route to the Super Bowl. If they don't travel the same path this season for whatever reason, sure I'll be somewhat disappointed, but I'm still going to be standing there right beside them and looking forward to next season as I've done in the past. Steelers fans have become spoiled, plain and simple.

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