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Default Re: OK - Why Has It All Come Apart

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Blind optimism my ass. It's called faith in and loyalty to an organization and team I have loved for over 40 years, a team I have experienced the highs and lows with and a team that has given me season upon season of excitement, surprises and fulfillment.
Fine, if not blind optimism, in your case its anti-realism coupled with the typical "I'm a better fan than you" attitude. Sure the problems can be fixed, but they had a week off to fix some things and the pass protection issue is one we've had for several years now. Its obvious that a couple of these problems are here to stay. Shattering Ben's confidence requires that there has to be something there to shatter in the first place. Anybody who pays attention to the games can see Cowher isn't nearly as active on the sidelines as he has been in years past.

If you really are a "Hometown" person, than you should be used to people in Pittsburgh REQUIRING more of a work ethic from their sports teams than they are getting this season. This reaction from most of the people on here doesn't surprise me. I worked at Irvin and E.T. steel mills for a couple years during college, and some of the biggest Stiller fans I have ever met in my life worked there and even they had some of the same reactions as I am seeing here today. Sure the team wasn't as good back then, but those guys could smell the difference between lack of skill and lackluster hustling. The talent is there, no doubt about it, its just in some cases the players/coaches aren't doing their jobs.

I may not be as old as you but I've been a fan for 27 some odd years now and never during that time has my "fandom" been idealistic.
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