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Default This team needs a GOTO receiver

First let me say this: "Hines Ward is a GREAT, GREAT possession receiver and tough as nails, but he is NOT a deep threat.

This team needs a GOTO receiver that is fast & tall, that can go up and GET THE BALL especially on deep throws. We've run into several teams this year that have had just that and they're killed us.

Jax had two guys that were over 6'5" that you could just throw deep to and they would GET IT over our tiny DB's. San Diego's first TD was another example. Townsend had NO chance of covering that guy.

With Plaxico we sometimes got it (when he felt like playing) but now we have no one like that. Holmes will be good but he's not a deep threat.

I know he's quitting on the Raiders but this team (and Ben) could use a guy like Randy Moss. On plays like that flea flicker last night Moss would have went up between those two guys and caught that ball. Moss clearly wants out of Oakland and at this point (1-3) I'd make that deal to wake this team up. If teams have to fear that deep ball they'll think twice about moving up their safeties to stop our run as well. Right now teams are just loading up the box forcing Ben to throw to guys who can't get open. Cut Staley if you need the CAP space or just make him part of the trade offer.

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