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Exclamation Regroup, Refocus, Win!

Ok Nation,
Do i have to post another .........."lets get a Grip thread" Holy SH##, ok so does anyone member last year when we droped 4 games and everyone put us on the shelf.
- I do have to admit Ben looks scetchy at times
- we are not using Hines enough
- I think our O-line is not clicking

But with all these things you have to remember that we are the defending super bowl champs and everyone is trying to bring their A games to beat us. We have to respond soon, but in no way are we out of this season yet.

We still have a chance to go 3-1 in Rocktober,
We still wave the terrible towel
and by god, the CHEFS' have to come into a PISSED off Hines feild next week,
I sure wouldn't want to be an indian.

Black n gold till the day I die- keep your head up nation.
Things will get better.
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