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Default Re: This team needs a GOTO receiver

Originally Posted by Eztarget View Post
See I disagree. All of our receivers our clones of one another. The team needs a variety at receiver and one tall guy who can go up in a crowd (or against a small DB) and get the ball.

None of the guys you just mentioned can do that. Steve Smith, Marvin Harrison and Santana Moss just get open plus they also have another good receiver whichs draws away extra coverage. Teams know to double up on Hines and there's no one left that scares them. When Plaxico was here that was impossible to do.
Give it time. We got rookies that have to develop. Nobody is going to double up on Santonio Holmes right away, let him develop into what he can be, and maybe he can draw some defenders off of Ward....We have to play with what we have...
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