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Default The Steelers Lack Leadership

Now I havn't been posting on this site lately. Wanted to come back and see what was being said after this recent let down against the Chargers. But yea Ben making horrible decisions is killing us bigtime. We can sit here and make excuse and excuse for him. But I'm not one for making excuses. He needs to step up bigtime. I remember before the accident there were questions about Ben's work ethic and that he really doesn't put in the extra work in to be a very good NFL QB. I know I had a conversation I think it was with Tony about we were hoping after the accident that Ben would finally become more of a film student and put in the extra work. I don't think Ben is and its reflecting with his play on the field.

But another big reason this team is 1-3 right now. Its looks like the Steelers have such a lack of leadership right now. I think we miss Jerome Bettis as the team leader bigtime. We all thought that Hines Ward, Alan Faneca, Joey Porter could pick up the slack of the leadership void when Bettis retired. I don't think anyone has. The whole look like they just quit and didn't care in the second half against the Chargers last night. I think Bill Cowher already has made up his mind that he won't be back next year. To me he is a lame duck coach.

We can all sit here and say the Steelers turned it around last year. But that was last year and this team is alot different. I mean forone Hines Ward looks like he doesn't even care. He seems content that he has his big pay day now, has a ring, has a Super Bowl MVP. The whole team looks like they are living on last years accomplishments. I'm out and peace out to you all.
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