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Default Re: Something to think about

Originally Posted by VolatileMan View Post
Tommy Madix was fantastic for us untill he took that hit that left him unconsious, for a few seconds, on the field.

He was never the same, even though he looked fine and said all the right things.

Now Ben has done a face plant into a car windshield with no helmet.

He physically looks ok, says all the right things . . . BUT?

Will he ever be the same??

Just something to think about :(

Good point, and I agree to a degree. Tearing your acl is one thing, but to go through a life and death situation like Ben did, it has to make you put things in perspective. I heard the interview he did with NBC and he sounded to me like a man that knows that their is more important things in life other then winning football games. Now I believe that most of the guys (mostly vets) in the NFL has this same perspective, but they were not in a life and death situation like Ben was in. This guy is still very young and has many years ahead of him, but if you go out on the field with the attitude that win or lose I still have my health (which is ok) he will continue to lose games. Once a football player steps onto the field he needs to thing of only one thing, what must I sacrifice to win this game today. Ben has a married and two kids mentality, but what he needs is I'm going out there today and leave blood on the field today for a win mentality.
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