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Default Re: The Steelers Lack Leadership

Hines appeared passionate enough when he blocked the DB into and out of the end zone on Parker's TD run last night. However, Hines hamstring may have lost its passion for the game, a not unexpected problem with a receiver in his early 30s who has a style that punishes both his opponents and his own body. Hines and other players (Porter has been a non-factor since opening night against Miami) may be at the stage of their careers where their minds are writing checks their bodies can no longer cash.

This is not a young team - combine that with what I regarded as a lack of urgency in preseason and Cowher wondering what he will be doing in 2007 and we probably should not be as shocked as we are by this sort of start.

While Hines ran away from his quote in SI that Cincy was a must win game, that luxury is gone. Playing .500 ball will lead to a 7-9 record. The Steelers now have a pile of must win games (KC, both Baltimore games, and Denver to name a few) on their schedule. You cannot win 10 games in 1 week, but if the Steelers do not come out fired up for KC then this team has lost its fire.
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