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Default Cowher's Tenure

With all of the off-season-on-season hyperactive analysis that many of us love to engage each other on, the head coaching issue is about as trivial as a mushroom cloud.

For all of my speculation that Whiz is set to take the reins from Cowher after this season and now looking into the proverbial abyss it's time for a major reality check. Is there any person on the planet - alive- that you would want to lead this team right now going forward other than Bill Cowher????

Sorry Ken. NO. The day Ben played 'crash dummy' has changed everyones fate in the Steeler Organization...a fate quite frankly yet undetermined.

Again. One can only speculate what ART II and DAN ROONEY may be thinking about the future but I'm guessing it has been reshaped. It would be very selfish to ask Cowher to pass on a once in a lifetime experience of watching his daughters play college basketball.

But hey Bill. That is what video and granddaughters are for. Time for the four-year extension.
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