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Default Re: Cowher's Tenure

If Cowher had his wife and daughter move to North Carolina as a negotiating ploy to shake down more $$ from the Rooneys then his agent has taken contract negotiation gamesmanship to the next level.

I have no interest in going back to the late '90s speculation on Steelers' After Dark (Kordell alleged adventures in Schenley Park/Cowher allegedly making new best friends with a secretary at the Steelers offices), but unless you assume Cowher's marriage is busted I cannot imagine Cowher wants to spend the next 5 years with his wife in Raleigh while he plays Bachelor Bill in Pittsburgh for 6 months of the year.

I think he wants to take a few years off (maybe cash an easy paycheck at some network's studio show) and then pull a Parcells/Jimmy Johnson for a huge payday with another franchise.

I believe the Steelers and Cowher agreed to one more year after they won the Super Bowl becuase in early February they almost would have had no choice but to hire Grimm or Whiz with so many other candidates having been taken with HC jobs up for grabs after the 2005 season.

I am coming around to the view of other posters that Whiz is no lock as the next HC; promoting from within does not have the best track record in the NFL.
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