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Default Re: An Outsiders Perspective

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Hey all,

Just thought id jot down a few thoughts regarding the Steelers season so far, it has been absorbing stuff although obviously not very enjoyable for most of you guys.

I think alot of the poster related anguish has been caused by unrealistic expectations running into this season.

I have said this many times, but all teams have their weaknesses be it on offense or on defense - its how you cope and adapt throughout the season that defines how and when that season finishes.

Alot of our 'new' posters seem to think that Steelers regular season success was pretty much a given this year based upon winning the SB last year.

Its the same thing that plagues the Patriots board, despite mostly winning under BB and Kraft it doesnt take too long for fans to turn against them - the odd bad result is enough to ensure all sorts of crazy talk.

Well last years regular season wasn't particularly impressive from a Steeler point of view, and as you all remember it required favors from other teams to get you into the postseason.

What happened in the postseason from that point on was pretty astonishing, the uncharacteristic freedom that Pittsburgh played with was unlike any other Cowher led playoff team.

Alot of factors fell into place to make Pittsburgh champions last year, but I cant really think of a time when they were dominant over a period of 3 or 4 games consecutively.

Pittsburgh was a good team last year, that played great at the right times and they would have been exactly the same this year (a good team, that is) if it wasn't for the injury problems suffered by Ben.

Cowher remains a good coach, but obviously not a great one, who leads a good team.

Every game is a battle, that talk of 13-3 is a little on the crazy side but 10-6 is attainable - and maybe that will be enough to get you into the postseason..and from then on...who knows?

Never throw the towel in before the fat lady sings, you'll only look foolish trying to scramble back on the bandwagon if it all comes back together.


There is no such thing as "unrealistic expectations" in regards to acheievement LITP. It's simply a matter of what your are prepared to do to make such expectations reality. 13-3 is VERY attainable,.... IF the f/O, the coaching staff and our CORE players do whatever it takes to make it so.
As far as us being "exactly" the same as last year if Ben was healthy,....knock it off,....he doesn't have the ground game's protection (Bussy) and NO help in regards to targets outside of Hine's and Heath. This is'nt knocking him,....he's our guy for years to come,....but he was never a great pure passer to begin with. The kid needs alot of help to win. I've always said this,'s nothing new.
In regards to coach,.......he's stubborn, inflexible and overly conservative for the most part,.....but if you prove that you are TRUELY worth his trust he'll handle it accordingly.
He won't say it to John Q public,.......but he knows who's worthy and who's just lucky with some,... "upside".
He's (Coach) been trying to make "Lemonade out of Lemons" in regards to personel for years and has accuited himself well considering what he's been given in regards to crucial positions, due to the cap and the unwillingness of the F/O to keep and or Draft the correct players.
Bottom line,........this is our house, we can VENT anyway we decide,...Nobody's throwing in any Terrible Towel's until we're carried by six. Your opinion is respected,....but this is FAMILY buisness.

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