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Originally Posted by WySilv View Post
that's very true... there were a few times in this game where I',m thinking: "OK, this is a good situation to throw deep. Recievers open, time in pocket. Good." Then we toss one short to Verron Haynes.
I actually (sorta) referred to this earlier. Ben is looking pretty good on the short ball now. But for some reason, he is not hitting the long ball receiver. I wonder if he still isn't quite healthy... If the face hits the windshield, the shoulder/arm isn't that far to follow. But who knows? It may also be that the timing is still off with his receivers, expecting them to break when they don't or not break when they do... though the receivers seemed to be running MUCH better routes this game. maybe it is still just confidence... I hate to say this, but give it a couple more weeks. Hopefully our "D" and Willie can save us until this takes care of itself.
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